Elizabeth Arnott

Detox support - week 9

Everyone is back on track after last week's lapses.  It has become routine now, to always have only permitted food in the house, so there is no temptation.  Even snacks between meals are healthy.  Eating bread and beef just is not an option so we don't even think about it.

detox maintenance recipe collectionAfter following the detox maintenance for two months now, we have all become much more aware of what our bodies actually need - we are listening to our bodies, which are grateful for treating them well, and telling us that we need more veggies and fruit, and not to eat meat, bread and dairy.

One member is going to be away for two months, staying with an Italian friend who eats a lot of pasta, and loves to drink wine.  This will be a challenge, but she has already told her about the detox maintenance lifestyle, and will be taking a copy of the Detox Maintenance Recipe Collection to give to her hostess.  She intends to stock up on healthy food when she arrives, and encourage her friend to try a different approach to eating.

Another member commented how well she is feeling, in spite of having had a stressful week, and how wonderful it is not to have to count calories.  Cooking recipes from the book, and eating small portions of tasty food makes it all so easy.  She finds it no problem eating out - just asks for fish and salad.

And more comments were made on the recipes in the book, how all the herbs and spices add flavour, making the dishes tasty and appetizing.  Nobody can follow a detox diet if the food is bland and insipid, but these recipes make it so easy and interesting.

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