Elizabeth Arnott

Detox support - week 8

This week has been difficult for some of us.  For one member, the problem was travelling with friends who like to drink wine, for another whose partner was away and so the eating routine that had been so carefully established went out of the window, and for me, I had a lot of social events which overwhelmed my good intentions.
However, we are well into our second month, and are feeling "detoxed "and healthy. We realise that dealing with upsets to our usual routines are all part of the learning curve, and that it is not easy to change a lifetime of eating habits.  

We are all back onto the detox maintenance lifestyle, and determined to make amends.  Despite the lapses, we all feel really motivated to continue, and the excess weight continues to melt away, albeit slower than at the beginning. 
We have to take into account lifestyle, social events, travelling, and other changes in our lives, and learn how to handle all these different situations. 
However, our newest member was happy to say that she has kept strictly to the detox programme, has lost 2 kilos, and is feeling great.  
Our other new member reported that for her, it is a huge change, mainly because she eats a lot of dairy products, and cannot imagine life without milk and cheese.  However, she is searching out alternatives to dairy, e.g. almond milk, and goat's cheese and yogurt.  

Her other problem is that she has to cook for her family who are not at all interested in eating fruit and vegetables.  We suggested that she try to introduce them to all the information that is available on the internet about the health dangers of eating bread and meat, and maybe watch a few documentaries about intensive farming.  This should help to change their minds.  She already exercises quite a lot, and has now added taking a regular detoxifying sauna.  She already gave up coffee and eating bread, so the avoidance of dairy products are the major change for her.  
Two other members were away and could not make the support group meeting, so we look forward to seeing them next week, and hearing about their challenges and triumphs.  

The general mood of the meeting was that we had lapsed a little, but that it was temporary, and the long-term goal for healthy weight loss management is still very much at the top of our agendas.

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