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Detox support - week 1

Detox Maintenance Lifestyle - Support Group,  January 2013.  New Year's Resolution time. Here in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, we have begun our Detox Maintenance Lifestyle Support Group.  We are a small, select group of friends who have decided that now is the time to take control of our perpetual weight issues, endless diets, weight gains and losses, see-sawing back and forth.  
So 2013 sees us starting with a positive attitude and a mind-set for change.  It is not a question of will power, but a change in thinking.  But, as we all know, change is hard, so we have decided to meet on a weekly basis, and I will guide the group on our journey to healthy and permanent weight loss.  Through my research for preparing my book Detox Maintenance Recipe Collection, I have become increasingly aware of the difference between our style of eating and that of our parents and grandparents, and how the food industry has taken control of our choices.  I believe that we have become a society that is over-fed but under-nourished, and that it is time to take back control of what we eat.  
Detox Maintenance Lifestyle embraces the deliberate choice to prepare healthy food, to eat fish, seafood, vegetables, legumes, nuts and fruit, and avoid wheat, coffee, alcohol, meat, dairy, and sugar; to take care of our bodies with regular exercise, sufficient sleep and relaxation.  
At our first meeting, I explained how I was able to lose weight easily and without feeling hungry or deprived, and to maintain a steady healthy weight.  (It is very important not to feel deprived, as you will immediately resort to forbidden treats, and then lose motivation.)  We all now have a 30 - day chart, which has to be completed every day, ticking off whether you have eaten your recommended portions of fruits, vegetables, salads, nuts, taken your exercise, etc.  I find this is highly motivational, and at the end of the day you can take pleasure in noticing how many ticks you have acquired.  Maybe at the end of 10 days we will be awarding ourselves gold stars!  I also gave everyone information about emotional eating, and how to decide whether you are really hungry, or just eating for emotional comfort.
If there is anyone living in Merida, Yucatan who would like to join us on this journey, please contact me at detoxmaintenancelifestyle@gmail.com or if you would like to "virtually" join us on line, we should be delighted to welcome you.  We will be meeting regularly, to support and help each other on this journey to achieving a healthier body; to hear people's experiences, difficulties and successes, share suggestions, swap recipes, and of course to watch the weight melting away.   
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