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Turmeric and Lime Tea

Here is a recipe for turmeric and lime tea - ideal as a "wake-me-up" first drink of the day, and can be taken at any other time. The lime acts as a great detoxifier after your body has been resting and processing the previous day's food intake, and the turmeric is a liver tonic. I only recently discovered that here in Merida, Mexico, what they call "azafrán", those odd-looking worm-like roots usually displayed next to fresh ginger in the grocery store, is actually not "saffron" but "turmeric"!  Thanks Joanna for the heads up!
                                                                                                      turmeric and lime tea
Turmeric and Lime Tea  
Makes 1 serving 
1 cups water 
½ piece fresh turmeric root (peeled and sliced thinly)
1 lime (freshly squeezed)
1 tspn honey (optional)

1. Bring the water to the boil  
2. Pour over the sliced turmeric and lime juice 
3. Cover and let it brew for a few minutes
4. Add honey if necessary  
Cook's tip:
Be careful with turmeric because it can stain your clothes.  Also, only serve in a cup that does not stain easily.

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  • Nancy Walters Mar 16

    For some reason I am not getting the curried lentil recipe with turmeric, only the tea.
  • Larry Mar 27

    As Nancy commented, only the tea recipe is visible at this time. Have a great day... Also, Asian Lotus, recommends ginger tea, using fresh ginger root slices, with cinnamon and turmeric or " azafran" root. I love it! I boil the ginger root with a cinnamon stick and a bit of tumeric.
  • Elizabeth Apr 03

    Hola Nancy and Larry. I am sorry, I put the lemon and turmeric tea separately to the curried lentils. They are on another page. When I did it, they appeared one after the other, but now they seem to have lost contact! Sorry about this. All part of the learning curve of running a website! And Larry, yes, I now add grated ginger and grated turmeric (azafran?) to my hot lemon in the morning. WOW. What a zinging start to the day! I cover it and leave it to brew for 5 minutes, for all the flavours to emerge, and not to lose any of the precious oils. I must try it with cinnamon too, although I usually put freshly ground cinnamon on my porridge or muesli, or whatever breakfast is on my menu that day. Saludos, Elizabeth
  • Char Jun 29

    Can you use tumeric spice for your tea and lime?
  • Elizabeth Jul 17

    Hola Char, Yes, turmeric is excellent with lime as a hot drink, any time really, but especially first thing in the morning. It really wakes you up, and detoxes the body after the night's rest. Saludos, Elizabeth

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