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Portion Sizes

I want to talk about portion sizes, if you want to lose weight. I know that in my book Detox Maintenance Recipe Collection I say that if you eat "super-foods" you do not need to count calories.  This is true, and generally the recipes provide you with such satisfying meals that you don't need to eat a lot.  However, when food tastes so good, the temptation is to go for a large helping because you know it is going to be so delicious.
However, be careful about portion sizes.  When you serve yourself, try to be realistic about how much you actually need.  Sit down in front of your plate of food, take a few moments to think about it.  Look at the plate, and see what delights you are about to enjoy, but ask yourself "do I really need to eat all of this?" 
Take a deep breath, and then while slowly releasing your breath, think about the beautiful, healthy, slim body you have or will have very soon.  Visualise an image of the slender you.  And when you begin to eat, eat slowly, savouring every single mouthful.
Asking yourself the question "do I really need to eat all of this" has put into your mind the doubt as to whether you really do need all of it, the possibility that you might feel satisfied with less.  So if the small voice inside your head suddenly says "I think that is enough now" listen to the voice, and stop eating.  Put your plate aside.  Save it for later, or for another day.  If you are in a restaurant, ask to take away your remaining portion.
I have another little trick for you.  When you serve yourself, you might be used to serving what seem now to be large portions.  So before you start, divide the meal on your plate, and think about whether you are going to eat all of it, or just half.  Leave the decision to later, but at least put the thought into your head that you have a choice.
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