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New Year's Resolutions

Was one of your NYRs to lose weight, and live a more healthy lifestyle?
Now that we are into January 2013, and the Christmas and New Year fiestas, parties, overindulgent events are over, it really is time to take stock and work out a better and more healthy way to live.  

My NYRs are:

1. This year I am going to get 8 hours' sleep every night.
2. This year I am going to exercise regularly - in fact I am going to walk to work every day, swim 50 lengths every day, dance to salsa music every afternoon.
3. This year I am going to put sunscreen on my face every morning, as part of my routine - and then again at mid-day - and wear a hat whenever I go out in the sun.
4. This year I am going to practise what I preach - eat 98% of my meals according to my Detox Maintenance Lifestyle.  I always feel so good when I keep away from wheat, dairy, meat, eggs, sugar, wine  . . .  and there is such an amazing variety of vegetables and fruit that there is no excuse to feel deprived.

If you are looking to live a more healthy lifestyle in 2013, and are stuck for recipe ideas, just check out my Detox Maintenance Recipe Collection.  Available both as an ebook and paperback from:
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Perhaps you have a friend (or three) who would appreciate the gift of an inspiring way to eat their way to a healthier 2013.
Do let me know what your Resolutions are for 2013.  I should love to hear from you.
Wishing you a healthy and successful 2013 filled with joy, peace and love.

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