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Detox recipe book at writers' expo

Merida writers' expo - 19th January 2013 - What a memorable day!

Merida English Library What a memorable day, with eighteen Meridanos showing off their stuff.  There were writers of all genres - authors, poets and bloggers. We also had people with skills to enable the writers to publish - including a publisher and a proof-reader - and a journalist and an on-line magazine. What a host of talent there is in our beautiful colonial city. 

As a cook-book writer and detox maintenance lifestyle specialist, I displayed my Detox Maintenance Recipe Collection in paperback and also the ebook version.  I prepared samples from the recipes for tasting - Breakfast Cookie Bars, Chilled Beetroot Soup, Pistachio Sauce (from the Eggplant and Chickpea recipe) and Roasted Carrot Pâté. When word got out that there was food about, people flocked to my table.  Everyone tasted and commented on how delicious everything was - did you really cook this? - this can't be detox, it's so delicious! - and many happy customers left with my book tucked under their arms.                                                                    Detox recipe tasting

I was extremely fortunate to have a table right next to Joanna van der Gracht de Rosada, who was displaying her book "Magic Made In Merida" and her blog "Writing From Merida".  She is also a successful and highly motivated member of the Merida Detox Support Group, and seemed to spend more time promoting my book than hers! 

We were blessed with beautiful weather, and displayed our wares on tables in the garden of the Merida English Language Library, a valuable resource for both the ex-pat community and also Mexicans who are interested in the English language and culture.  

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  • Nancy Walters Jan 20

    I am so thrilled I have my book now so I can start really using the great recipes. My daughter has a copy I bought her for Christmas and she too is really pleased.
  • roger bowie Jan 20

    Yes Elizabeth it was a great day, perfect weather, lots of people and like you say a lot of good talent. As a member of your Detox support group I must say the program is truly working and we are enjoying it to the fullest. See you on Wednesday.

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