Elizabeth Arnott

Merida Detox Support Group Observations

Comments from members of the support group.  Why not start your own support group?   We are finding it so helpful, and the weight loss and health gain is impressive.
"I am at a 11 pound loss or 4.98 kilos (after 4 weeks) and feeling just fine. I do miss the breads but not enough that I've gone back to their consumption and I am loving oatmeal with fruit and nuts. This was a true departure from my usual eggs, toast and hash brown potatoes. The increase of veggies and fruits has been a good thing in many ways along with eating more fish…..  We feel good about ourselves, and our weight reduction. It is not always easy but the rewards far outweigh the alternative."  Roger and Rainie Bowie 
"I am excited about cooking again, and don't feel deprived because of the wide variety of flavors in the recipes. So nutrient dense, that there is no need for snacks, and I don't feel hungry between meals." Nancy Walters 
"This is a lifetime change." Jacqueline Nanwani 
"I feel strong again, and in control of my body.  I feel really happy.  This detox lifestyle programme gets easier all the time."  Joanna van de Gracht de Rosada

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