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Do You Know What This Is?

This glorious red grain look-alike, that has abundant phenolic antioxidant compounds that may lower high cholesterol, high blood pressure, reduce inflammatory conditions, diabetes, and boost your immunity. One of nature's greatest SuperFoods.

Have you guessed it yet? 

Toasted grated avocado seed!  Yes, I grated and toasted the seed of an avocado, to produce this beautiful ingredient that you can sprinkle on your smoothie, over salad, or wherever you feel inspired. The taste is slightly bitter, but you don't notice it when it is included into a smoothie.  

You might even try adding it with your toasted seeds to sprinkle on your salad. 

Avocado seeds have more antioxidants and more soluble fibre than most fruits and vegetables.  Wow.  Truly a super food. 

I had already read about the fact that over 70% of the total antioxidant capacity of avocados is found in the seed. But my attempts to break open the seed were laughable.  First, I tried to cut into it with a sharp knife - impossible!  Then I tried to smash it with a hammer - also
impossible, and the seed went flying out of the window! So I gave up. 

However, I recently discovered two foolproof ways of getting at this elusive superfood and am very happy to share with you this important information. 

Method 1. 
Cut the avocado in quarters and extract the seed.  Leave it to dry for about half an hour, and then scrape off the outer dark skin covering.  Grate it on the small side of the grater.  Dry toast for about 10 minutes, stirring constantly to ensure that it doesn't burn, and when cool, store in a glass screw-top container.  It will last for several weeks in the refrigerator. 

Method 2.
Cut the avocado into quarters and extract the seed.  Dry it in a cool oven for approx. 30 minutes.  Remove from the oven, and allow to cool.  Peel off the outer skin, and then grate or chop the inner seed.  This method does not produce the beautiful red grains but is equally nutritious.

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  • Refia Sacks Apr 04

    You are amazing! Got to try this but don't know if I am as patient as you to do it. XXX
  • Elizabeth Apr 04

    Thanks, Refia. It is not so difficult and doesn't take very long to do. You just have to decide that it is worth it!
  • kbMLJSgCXedNVpE Oct 19

  • aJBxczQmFO Oct 19


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