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Banana/almond butter sandwich

Who said living the detox maintenance lifestyle had to be boring?  This is a fun snack, that everyone from aged 2 to 92 will enjoy, and it is very filling too.  Just slice the banana lengthways, spread a little almond butter on one half, and close it up.

I have been making this "sandwich" a lot recently, because my eating routine has been severely upset by playing La Bohéme every other night.  The performance begins at 8pm, and as I don´t really like to have a large meal before playing, this is the perfect snack to eat at 7pm and keeps me going through the three-and-a-half hours of performance.

Now that I have learned how to make almond butter, I am putting it into everything.  Yesterday I made a delicious vegetarian casserole, using mushrooms and swiss chard as my main ingredients, together with some diced sweet potato.  The magic started to happen when I added some home-made vegetable stock, and just before serving, I added two teaspoonfuls of almond butter.

¡Qué rico! as they say here in Mexico.  The almond butter not only added a deliciously rich nutty flavour but also thickened the sauce.  Absolutely delicious.

I made a delicious fruit smoothie the other day, using mango, blackberries, apple juice and yogurt, and added a teaspoonful of almond butter.  

The next batch of almond butter I make, I will try dry-roasting the almonds for ten minutes first, and will be interested to taste the difference in flavour.

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  • Elizabeth Jun 16

    I made the almond butter with almonds that I had roasted for 10 minutes, and started processing them while they were still hot from the oven. Even MORE delicious than the first batch which had not been roasted. And it came out a slightly darker colour too.

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