Elizabeth Arnott

Banana and Almond Delight

I had just finished preparing some almond butter (my latest passion), when I noticed that I had a ripe banana that was just asking to be made into something delicious.  So after I had scraped all the almond butter out of the food processor into its glass jar, without washing it up (!) I added the banana, almond butter and goat's yogurt.  Ummm..... delectable!  It is hard to believe that something so creamy could be detox!

banana and almond delightTime:  2 minutes + 1 hour chilling time
Serves 2
1 ripe banana (cut into thick slices)
1 heaped tspn almond butter (click here to see the recipe)
4 tbspns goat's yogurt (click here to see how to make your own goat's yogurt)
1. Add the sliced banana and almond butter to the food processor, and pulse gently until smooth
2. Add the yogurt, and pulse a few seconds more to blend
3. Chill for about an hour, and serve sprinkled with freshly grated nutmeg

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