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Essential Staple Ingredients

Essential staple ingredients you should always have in your kitchen store cupboard. When you are living the detox maintenance lifestyle, you eliminate harmful toxic food from your body while also eliminating it from your house.  So you need to be sure you always have a stock of staple ingredients that you know are safe, healthy, nutritious, and conform to detox maintenance.  You need to have ingredients available that are the foundation for making a dish which takes time to prepare, for example, dried beans or whole grain rice, but also ingredients that mean you can knock up a meal in no time, with virtually no planning, like quínoa or soba noodles, and canned beans and chickpeas.
Of course, you need to have fresh food products on hand too, making sure you have as many "super-food" ingredients as possible, for example, avocado, garlic, onion, beetroot, carrot, blueberries, broccoli, spinach, tomato, honey, grapes.  Potatoes and sweet potatoes are a great basis for a quick supper, or as a side dish.  Fresh green vegetables and salads, in as wide a variety of colours as possible, provide a spectrum of vitamins and nutrients.  Fresh fruit provides many vitamins and nutrients as well, and as with all ingredients, try to source organic produce whenever you can. 

Essential store cupboard ingredients
Nuts - try to keep the portion size down to a small handful of nuts 
Whole grain rice - filling and satisfying, rice goes with everything 
Buckwheat - is a tasty and interesting alternative to rice, and can be served with a variety of savoury and sweet dishes 
Quínoa - highly nutritious and very quick to prepare.  It is very adaptable, and can be used in main dishes, and salads. 
Olive oil - I always cook with olive oil or coconut oil, and avoid contaminated and toxic vegetable oils Flavoured oils - such as spiced sesame oil, avocado oil and grape seed oil, add different tastes to salads and dressings 
Legumes or pulses - canned or dried beans, chickpeas and lentils are always a nutritious and satisfying ingredient, and can form the basis of many different dishes 
Spices and herbs - I used to think that spices were used for their delicious flavours, and to help preserve food in hot climates.  This is true, but they also have their individual health benefits.  My favourites which I eat every day without fail are ginger, turmeric and cinnamon.  I also incorporate parsley, basil and cilantro into my meals, not only for their different flavours, but also for their health benefits 
Seeds - are so easy to add to any dish, just by sprinkling them on while serving, and can be served fresh or dry-toasted.  I always have sunflower, sesame and chía seeds in my stock-cupboard
Dried fruit - I keep dried apricots and goji berries in my stock of essentials 
You can find a list of more than eighty "super-foods" with their nutritional properties at the back of Detox Maintence Recipe Collection.  This collection of recipes has 130 inspirational recipes for living a detox maintenance lifestyle.  
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