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Detox Maintenance Lifestyle

Are we becoming a population that is over-fed and under-nourished?

This website aims to shed some light onto how to incorporate a detox maintenance lifestyle into the daily decisions you make as to what to eat or drink.
The old maxim "you are what you eat" is still highly relevant, and deserves our attention and consideration, especially with our busy lifestyles, and the different ways we shop and cook compared to those of our parents and grandparents. 
The food industry has high-jacked our health, giving us prepared foods that have had all the nourishment removed, replaced by poisonous chemicals and food additives. Many prepared foods are both addictive and unsatisfying. Most chronic illnesses like arthritis, type 2 diabetes and heart disease, can relieved by eating a healthy diet and taking regular exercise. 
On this website you will find information about how to detox by eating a super-foods diet - vegetables, legumes, fruit, nuts and fish, and avoiding wheat, meat, dairy products, and sugar.  There are recipes and videos, and the "What's New" section includes up-to-date news on the health benefits of different ingredients, recipes, advice on general aspects of health, and how to incorporate detox into your daily life.  The reports on our local Detox Support Group meetings will I hope inspire you to start your own.   

You will also find information about my recipe books and details on where you can buy them in paperback or ebook versions.   
Detox Maintenance Lifestyle does not have to be tasteless, insipid and boring.  Try out my sample recipes that you can download from the website, and get a taster of how easy it is to keep to "detox" when you have exciting and inspiring recipes to eat every day.  
It is time to reclaim our health, and take responsibility for maintaining a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and our families.  

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Detox Maintenance Recipe Collection is a detox diet for healthy weight loss management, with guidelines on how to detox. Inspirational, low fat recipes for healthy eating, healthy living, healthy lifestyle. 

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